The Libre Market Story

A free market is a market economy in which the forces of supply and demand are free of intervention by a government, price-setting monopolies, or other authority. A free market contrasts with a controlled market or regulated market, in which government intervenes in supply and demand through non-market methods such as laws creating barriers to market entry or directly setting prices. Although free markets are commonly associated with capitalism in contemporary usage and popular culture, free markets have been advocated by market anarchists, market socialists, proponents of cooperatives, and advocates of profit sharing.

The laissez-faire principle expresses a preference for an absence of non-market pressures on prices and wages, such as those from government taxes, subsidies, tariffs, regulation (other than protection from coercion and theft), or government-granted or coercive monopolies. Friedrich Hayek argued in The Pure Theory of Capital that the goal is the preservation of the unique information contained in the price itself.[2]

The definition of free market has been disputed and made complex by collectivist political philosophers and socialist economic ideas.[3] This contention arose from the divergence of classical economists such as Adam Smith, David Ricardo, and Thomas Malthus from the continental economic science developed primarily by the Spanish scholastic and French classical economists, including Richard Cantillon, Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot, Jean-Baptiste Say and Frédéric Bastiat. Smith discarded subjective value theory and contended that an unregulated market was prone to the rise of monopolies and was therefore not “free” in this sense.

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Our inspiration of free market or “libre” market which in both Spanish and French means “Free”. It is a free online advertising portal for all Canadians, since Canada is a country with both French and English as spoken language, this name should be the perfect fit for the Canadian users. The name also pays tribute to the origin of the “laissez-faire” principles and it is 100% free to post (Of course everything that is legal for sale).

- Free market team.

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